Chabot College Promise Program


The Chabot Promise (No Enrollment Fees)

2024-2025 & 2025-2026


Students attending Chabot College as their first institution of higher education, and enrolled full-time (12 units or more) will be guaranteed No Enrollment Fees for the First 2 Years (Fall 2024, Spring 2025, Fall 2025 and Spring 2026) if they maintain and complete 12 units per semester.



What Does it Cover?


The Chabot College Promise Program will cover the $46 per unit enrollment/tuition fee at Chabot College only. 

  • Student fees are not covered.

Students are responsible for any books, supplies and materials fees that a class requires, as well as other non-tuition fees. See college fees.

Chabot Promise 
Financial Aid Advisor

Building & room Student Services, Bldg. 700 1st Floor

Phone 510.723.7673


staff Ariel Nelson (She/Her)



  • Office must receive FAFSA or Dream Act Application by August 1st, 2024.

  • Must enroll in 12 or more units and complete 12 units per semester, Fall 2024 - Spring 2025 and Fall 2025 - Spring 2026.

  • Must be a First Time college student, and not have attended any other institution of higher education. Excludes prior concurrent enrollment students, and any summer enrollment.

  • Students who were not a part of a concurrent enrollment program or students who participated in dual enrollment must submit an official high school transcript to the college. 
  • Must be a California resident or AB 540 student.

  • There is no income requirement.

  • There is no minimum high school GPA requirement.

How Does it Work

  1. Apply to Chabot College

  2. Submit FAFSA or CA Dream Act before August 1st, 2024 deadline.

  3. Complete and meet all Chabot College Promise Program requirements.

  4. Incoming students completing the previous steps will automatically be considered for the Chabot College Promise, and will receive either: 

    The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) fee waiver (based on income eligibility)



    The Chabot College Promise will pay for their $46/unit enrollment fees (does not include other campus fees such as health, activity, student representation, parking, or books and supplies).

  5. Must successfully complete a minimum of 12 units in the current semester to be considered for the following semester award (excluding summer semester). 


Students who apply through the FAFSA or Dream Act Application (CADAA) may also be eligible for additional financial aid by submitting additional documents of verification as found in CLASS-Web under the Student Services/Financial Aid menu.

Financial Aid Application Links



Application Assistance

In-person & online support for financial aid applications!

(FAFSA, CADAA, & CCPG Fee Waiver)




Free Application for Federal Student Aid

(US Citizens, Permanent Residents, Eligible Noncitizens)



CA Dream Act Application

(Undocumented Students, DACA Recipients, TPS/ U-Visa Holders)



CA College Promise Grant 

(Fee Waiver)